Join SFM | Next Level Success is Security Financial Management's dedicated website for Financial Advisors looking to take their practice to the next level. Whether an Advisor is starting out, mid-career, or ready to secure a succession plan to ease into retirement, SFM has the right resources, the right team, and the right know-how to move a practice forward.
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Next Level Success

We engage with Financial Advisors with varying levels of experience.

We Create Careers

Getting started as a financial advisor is quite the challenge. We know know the hardship because we’ve been there ourselves. If you have only been in the industry a short time but aren’t receiving the career development you know you need to become the dynamic advisor you desire to become, then we hope you’ll consider joining Security Financial Management. Our veteran advisors serve as coaches and mentors, who want nothing more than to help you take your career to the next level.


We Help Advisors Grow

We serve as a refuge for Advisors in the middle of their career, looking for a firm with the right culture, comradery, support, experience, and resources to take their practice to the next level and beyond. With two affiliation options made available, Advisors can choose the extent they would like to engage with SFM’s support and resources. We want to ensure you’re positioned for success moving forward.

We Secure Succession

We’ve developed the ideal environment for veteran Advisors desiring to continue their careers for another 5-10 years, not quite ready to leave the business, but desiring a change of pace so they can get back to the activities they enjoy most – helping clients set and accomplish their goals. In tandem with this change of pace, we help veteran Advisors navigate succession planning and ensure their clients will be well cared for long after they retire.