Join SFM | About Us is Security Financial Management's dedicated website for Financial Advisors looking to take their practice to the next level. Whether an Advisor is starting out, mid-career, or ready to secure a succession plan to ease into retirement, SFM has the right resources, the right team, and the right know-how to move a practice forward.
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About Us

Our Mission

Our goal at SFM is to provide a forward-thinking, collaborative, full service firm in which management is fully vested in the success of our Advisors and their clients.

Our Team

We are a group of people who are generous with our time, true to our word, and passionate about providing a whole new level of service, entirely. Named among the Top Financial Planning Firms by the Orlando Business Journal, SFM has everything you’re looking for in a world-class firm. With each year in business, we find ourselves growing both our services and our solutions for our clients.

Why Join SFM?

Many financial advisors enjoy focusing on the client – after all, it’s their job. Yet, this focus on day-to-day client activities can hinder their effectiveness over the long-term. We’re here to help you envision the big picture for your practice, setting goals for better client service and incremental AUM growth. We believe we have the right partners, the right technology, and the right team to help make it happen!